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Sit Down - Stand up Reach - Order Picker - Telehandler - Walkie Stacker- Pallet Jack - Tugger - All Aerial Lifts

Forklift Certification is mandatory in the USA. OSHA requires that anyone who operates a forklift be safety trained and evaluated on the lift at the facility they will be working. The Forklift University of Nevada provides OSHA forklift training for all types of warehouse forklifts, aerial lifts, rough terrain (construction) forklifts, and other Powered Industrial Trucks like tuggers and burden carriers.

Individuals can come to our training facility in North Las Vegas and learn to drive a sit-down forklift in our full day driver training class. This training will prepare a new driver to obtain an entry-level job at a warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facility.

Our training programs are unmatched, and new students will learn not only classroom safety but will be taught to drive a sitdown forklift safely and efficiently in a general warehouse setting. Training takes approximately a day, and when completed the new operator will have a valid forklift license approved for use in the USA, accepted by staffing agencies, companies, and unions.

Schedule company training at YOUR facility which is 100% OSHA compliant and can be any Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) facility. We teach following OSHA guidelines, and also evaluate and discuss the facility safety rules as required by OSHA. If the company has new operators, we provide hands-on forklift driver training. For companies that wish perform in-house operator training, we have the most comprehensive "Train the Trainer Program" in the industry.

Train the Trainer is a single day class taught at your facility. The Trainers are provided with over 10 different videos, varying equipment specifics, manuals, tests, and documentation that can be customized with company logos and site-specific information for 100% OSHA compliance. Trainers have access to the "Train the Trainer" portal for a 3 year period where all updates and new materials are available 24/7, removing the limitations of training programs and materials sold by other training companies.

Available Options for Forklift Certification in Texas!


Forklift Training at your Facility
Companies that need to have their operators trained and certified can choose to have our experienced instructors perform formal training classes and hands-on's operator evaluations at the facility to reduce overtime, loss of work productivity, and utilize facility equipment, used daily, to obtain customized training. Forklift Universtiy of Texas will travel the facility and provied all OSHA forklift training without additional travel charges.


Forklift Training at our Facility in Austin or Houston
Individuals or companies that need to have their operators trained; however, do not have the proper location for training may come to one of our local training facilities to receive necessary OSHA forklift certification or hands-on driver training.


Forklift Training On-Line
For those who already have experience driving a forklift and need to take an online forklift certification class here is the best one! Only $69.95, approximately an hour, you are 100% OSHA certified, and you only require your employer's evaluation. You are ready for forklift work!